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KYF "Know Yourself First"

Courses and conference topics - Steve Alban TINEO 

How to use your personal power to release your full potential, increase your success rate and your company efficiency. 


The conference’s main objectives are to inspire people to Discover, Increase and Use their personal strength to empower themselves, their own people and increase their company’s efficiency. As well as:

  • To become more aware and confident about yourself, 

  • To be less stressed or under tension,

  • To adapt to changes and to a constantly changing world, 

  • To be more creative and proactive, 

  • To be more ethical and value centred, 

  • To find and develop new business opportunities, 

  • To increase your acquisition and GET MORE CLIENTS, 

  • To negotiate better, and close more deals, 

  • To increase your execution efficiency, 

  • To learn to love what you do, (even if you are not doing what you really like),

  • To lower your limiting believes and develop new ideas, new businesses and new market opportunities, 

  • To teach recruits, staffs or other people to follow the same development, as to discover and overcome their own limitations and strive towards their full potential as well. 

  • Discover the talents and strengths of each employee, in order to improve team efficiency and internal communication. 

  • Understand the emotional and psychological profile of employees, in order to empower their talents and compensate their weaknesses, and build effective teams. 

  • Prevention of abusive behaviors: Become aware of our responsibility in relationships with our colleagues. Understand the impact of our behavior on motivation and performance of our employees and the success of the company. 


Duration of conferences: 45 to 90 min

Tailor-made program, adapted to the audience, followed by a Q&A

Each module can be taken separately

Possibility of

  • Courses

  • Coachings

  • Workshops

  • Situational scenarios




◈ Business & Leadership

◈ Personal Development 

◈ Peace and other Lectures

Women & Children Empowerment

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