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Based on KYF Methodology

KYF - A methodology to surpass yourself and go from good to great ! 

Be empowered to “know yourself” as to be a more conscious human being, and to become the best possible version of yourself, in negotiation and mediation as well. 

From top managers, to high ranked diplomats, to Formula 1 driver …. How they surpassed their limited self to strive and thrive by discovering and Knowing Themselves First ! 


  • Human capital is the backbone of every company.

  • We are convinced that it is by sublimating its human capital and developing the leadership of each of its members that a company can take the road to success in a sustainable and healthy way.

  • During more than 20 years in the field, we have developed a non-dogmatic methodology that allows the talents buried in each human being to reveal themselves.

  • Our expertise in complex negotiations has allowed us to develop a new way of understanding the human being in a holistic way, by teaching him to recognize and manage his emotions, as well as his beliefs and conditioning, in order to overcome his own limitations and mental barriers.

  • By linking our methodology to existing, proven methodologies, we enable your company to develop its human capital in a holistic way to increase efficiency that leads to success.

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  • We help you to develop existing talents in order to  
    • stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurship, their commitment  and personal responsibility - to develop their leadership

    • allow each person to reveal their personal talents in order to use them for the benefit of the company

    • improve team efficiency

    • make them want to stay, invest and develop in the company

    • allow them to develop professionally and personally within the company


  • We help you select new talent and prepare them to shine and express their greatest talents as soon as they arrive, while integrating seamlessly with the company culture and existing teams.

  • We help you develop positive empathic leadership by developing the emotional intelligence of your leaders.

  • We support you in creating a strong, rewarding and motivating corporate culture.

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"Empathy is the most important leadership skill according to research! Empathy contributes to positive relationships and organizational cultures, and it also drives results. Empathy may not be a brand new skill, but it is taking on a new level of importance and new research clearly shows that empathy is the leadership skill to develop and demonstrate now and in the future in the workplace." 

- Forbes Magazine - Tracy Brower, 24.4.2022

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A complete in-house development and/or outplacement program

BRAIN is intended for individuals who wish to evolve professionally or for companies who wish to offer their employees an internal leadership and emotional intelligence development program.

Conferences, Workshops, Courses

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