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KYF Business Conferences

Duration of conferences: 45 to 90 min

Tailor-made program, adapted to the audience, followed by a Q&A

Each module can be taken separately

Possibility of

  • Courses

  • Coachings

  • Workshops

  • Situational scenarios



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“KYF - Know Yourself First”
"Self-development using powerful human capital techniques" 
How to use your personal power to unleash your full potential, increase your success rate and your business efficiency 


Any company’s core components are the women and men who lead it and contribute to it with their know-how, experiences and skills. This precious human capital deserves the full attention of those in positions of leadership.

How can we develop a corporate culture based on human care & well-being, individual & collective motivational reinforcement, performance improvement as well as creativity and efficiency ?

We offer you a series of conferences and workshops aimed at developing human capital, the knowledge of the SELF and of the OTHER, to become aware of what limits us and to learn to surpass ourselves. This, to enable everyone to improve interpersonal interactions, to strengthen cohesion within your company, and to capitalize on new forms of development and growth based on the human being.


#1 « KYF – The SELF » – Who am I ? How do I function ?

Module 1 : What is the path of Self-discovery ?
How to generate new ideas, new opportunities, new businesses and new customers, by discovering oneself and personally taming oneself, in order to develop a new knowledge of our own behaviors.


#2 « KYF – The Inner SELF » – Emotional intelligence, feelings, EGO, BEING

Module 2 : Knowing yourself to increase the main parameters of the SELF
Having all the cards in hand to make the right decisions. Our unmanaged thoughts and emotions limit us and often push us to make inefficient choices. Understanding where thoughts come from, how to recognize them, what creates emotions and how to learn to express them, will allows us to have a more objective view of events.


#3 « Fears and Limitations » – Recognition and management of fears.

Fear of change, fear of the future, fear of failure, …
Learn how to identify your fears and limiting beliefs as to overcome them and discover new possibilities and abilities. Dare to develop new ideas and new markets. Our fears and beliefs limit our thoughts, intuitions, perspectives, choices, and possibilities for action by making us see reality through a distorted mental prism.


#4 « Negotiation & Mediation » – Use the power of negotiation to increase your percentage of success.

Learn how to generate value for yourself and for others as to build strong and trusting relationships over the long term.
Academic studies show that 60 to 80% of a manager's time is nowadays dedicated to negotiation (direct/indirect, internal/external) and that more than 80% of clients acquisitions and sales processes fail in the final negotiation period.


#5 « Critical Situations Management » – How to handle & manage complex situations, crises, conflicts with customers or internal to the company.

Learn how to listen, hear, understand, communicate and collaborate in times of crisis to define shared common goals and develop new perspectives for positive results.
This module will allow you to approach difficulties with more hindsight, without getting overwhelmed by emotions and without losing your objectivity.


#6 « Announcing “bad news” in a positive way » – How to maintain good relations with our customers and partners, whatever the nature of the information to be transmitted to them.

When the content has a negative value, the form becomes essential. Finding the right words and the right way to approach potentially conflicting issues is essential to avoid the breakdown and degradation of relationships.


#7 « Ethical Dismissal » – How to separate from a collaborator in an ethical way, avoiding creating a trauma.

The current economic climate is forcing companies to make painful decisions.
Your employees will gain the understanding that they need to adequately manage the announcement of potentially traumatic news. In an ethical world, it is essential to protect oneself and the person being laid off, so that everyone can keep a positive emotional and rational trace of these difficult moments of transition.

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