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KYF Peace & Other lectures

#1 " KYF - The SELF " - Who am I ? How do I function?


Part 1: What is the path of Self-discovery?

How to generate new ideas, new opportunities, new businesses and new customers, by discovering oneself and personally taming oneself, in order to develop a new knowledge of our own behaviors. 


Part 2 : Knowing yourself to increase the main parameters of the SELF - Emotional intelligence, feelings, EGO, BEING

Having all the cards in hand to make the right decisions. 

Our unmanaged thoughts and emotions limit us and often push us to make inefficient choices. Understanding where thoughts come from, how to recognize them, what creates emotions and how to learn to express them, will allow us to have a more objective view of events.

#2 Increase your performances by removing your fears and limitations 


"I know that I know nothing" - Plato 

Learn how to identify your fears and limiting beliefs as to overcome them and discover new possibilities and abilities. Dare to develop new ideas and new markets. Our fears and beliefs limit our thoughts, intuitions, perspectives, choices, and possibilities for action by making us see reality through a distorted mental prism.

#3 Why is dialogue & inclusion a foundation for peace processes ? 


Peace can be achieved by creating, among other things, ethical trade links and diplomatic ties between parties. It is by including all the protagonists around the table, even the most extreme ones, by listening to them without judgment, to understand their beliefs, their fears and their conditioning, that a link can be created. A much needed opening allowing the beginning of a true dialogue.

The absence of war is not enough. A vision for true and sustainable peace requires non-alienation and humility, and the recognition of the other as a legitimate whole.


#4 Become an expert in negotiation by understanding and managing emotions 

What is an emotion and how does it impact the decision process and the resolution of agreements?


80% of agreements based on rationality alone are challenged after 6 months. Human beings are emotional beings and their choices, even the professional ones, are largely determined by their emotions and personal stakes. To be able to make positive agreements in the long term, it is important to be able to identify the emotional stakes & issues of all stakeholders and learn how to nurture them.

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