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KYF Negotiation

Duration of conferences: 45 to 90 min

Tailor-made program, adapted to the audience, followed by a Q&A

Each module can be taken separately

Possibility of

  • Courses

  • Coachings

  • Workshops

  • Situational scenarios


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#1 "Become an expert in negotiation by understanding and managing emotions" 

What is an emotion and how does it impact the decision process and the resolution of agreements?


80% of agreements based on rationality alone are challenged after 6 months. Human beings are emotional beings and their choices, even the professional ones, are largely determined by their emotions and personal stakes. To be able to make positive agreements in the long term, it is important to be able to identify the emotional stakes & issues of all stakeholders and learn how to nurture them.


#2 "Become an expert in negotiation by understanding and managing your own limitations

Discover how you are limited by your own conditionnings, beliefs and projections and and how to overcome them to become a negotiation expert.

Our decision-making processes are driven by our mind, which creates the justifications it needs to justify its own unconscious behaviour.

Thus, we make decisions in the belief that they are the right decisions to make. But how can we be sure?

By understanding how our situational analysis and decision-making processes work, we can develop a new way of looking at all kinds of situations.

#3 "Acquire the essentials to become an effective negotiator"

Comprehensive negotiation course, including negotiation techniques, preparation for negotiation, essentials, team building and skills development.


#4 "Women in negotiation - Overcoming gender biases and difficulties to become a female negotiation expert"  - Sonia Grimm 

Learn to identify, understand and overcome power and domination games.

Gaining confidence in oneself and one's personal power to achieve one's goals.

Our programme includes a comprehensive, multi-month course to become a negotiation expert, including the usual negotiation tools, as well as training in the application of the KYF methodology in negotiation.

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