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KYF Personal Development

Duration of conferences: 45 to 90 min

Tailor-made program, adapted to the audience, followed by a Q&A

Each module can be taken separately

Possibility of

  • Courses

  • Coachings

  • Workshops

  • Situational scenarios


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“KYF - Know Yourself First”
"Self-development using powerful human capital techniques" 
How to use your personal power to unleash your full potential and to increase your well-being and your success rate.


Everything we experience is interpreted by our mind mainly according to events already experienced. The mind only compares with what it thinks it already knows or what it projects into a hypothetical future.

In order to change and be creative, we need to get out of our limiting patterns, to discover who we are and how the Human Being works.

Knowing yourself well is the key to developing a life in coherence with who you really are and in harmony with others.

We propose a series of conferences and workshops aimed at developing human capital, the knowledge we have of SELF and of the other, to become aware of what limits us in order to learn how to surpass ourselves. This, in order to allow each person to improve their well-being and skills, to develop their full potential and to improve living together.


Life Philosophy 

#1 « KYF – The SELF » – Who am I ? How do I function ?

Module 1 : What is the path of Self-discovery ?
How to generate new ideas, new opportunities, new businesses and new customers, by discovering oneself and personally taming oneself, in order to develop new knowledges of our own behaviors.


#2 « KYF – The Inner SELF » – Emotional intelligence, Feelings, EGO, BEING

Module 2 : Knowing yourself to increase the main parameters of the SELF.
Our unmanaged thoughts & emotions limit us and often push us to make inefficient choices. Understanding where thoughts come from, how to recognize them, what creates emotions and how to learn to express them, will allows us to have a more objective view of events.


#3 « Access Consciousness » – Through the Self

  • How to rediscover oneself ? How to develop one's intuition ?

  • What is a vibration ? A world of energies.

  • Present Moment and transformation of suffering through Acceptation.

  • Disidentification of the ego.



#4 « Who is the other in relation to the Self ? »

  • I see the world through me - Interpretation is all about Projection.

  • Love vs. Attachment & Dependency.

  • Vibrations that complement each other.

  • The judgment of others, a judgment on oneself.

  • Ethical leadership.



#5 « Are we all persecutors ? »

  • Small manipulations under disguise of good faith : Wanting to protect, to rescue, to save, to advise and to love, etc...

  • Who do we lie to the most ? To oneself.



#6 « Finding my true freedom »

  • Freedom from social pressure, conditioning, limiting beliefs and fears. Influence of the media, family, religion, group, etc...

  • Our Powers - our main 4 powers.

  • How the ego forms opinions & beliefs ?

  • The limits of free will.

  • Freedom = total respect for who I AM - of who THEY are !



#7 « What is true Generosity ? »

  • Selfishness, Egoism vs. Altruism, Self-sacrifice, Auto destruction.

  • Our hopes of recognition through giving :

◈ Are we giving by generosity ? Or to manipulate ?

◈ Do we believe that giving or doing for others, will give us more value, and will make us be more loved ?
◈ "Fear of not being loved and/or losing” - is giving removing the risk ?



Develop your skills 

#8 « Learning to negotiate ethically in everyday life. »

  • With your spouse, with your children, with your colleagues, with anyone…

  • Managing difficult discussions.

  • Expressing one's ideas in a respectful manner acceptable to the others (non-violent communication)



#9 « Learning how to manage crisis situations in everyday life »

  • By preserving oneself and others.

  • Transformation of emotions.



#10 « How to manage fears, phobias and develop your self-confidence »

  • What are fears ? How to transform them ?

  • How can we develop self-confidence (putting doubts into question) ?

  • What is the judgment of others? Stop judging and judging yourself, no longer fearing the judgment of others.


#11 « Developing resilience »

  • How do you recover from mourning, a break-up, a dismissal ?

  • Bounce back. Regaining the desire to live life to the fullest.

  • Keys to bounce back after a "personal drama".



#12 « Emotional intelligence - how to develop it and why ? »

  • What is emotional intelligence ?

  • How to develop it? How to use it in everyday life ?

  • Antipathy, Apathy, Empathy, Sympathy.

  • Left brain - right brain : differences and advantages of each one.

  • Personal profiles - Psychological, intellectual, emotional.



#13 « Leadership »

  • What is a positive leader ?

  • How to develop your leadership.



#14 « Rhetoric - Learning to speak effectively - Talk Lean »

  • Knowing how to choose the right word at the right time.

  • Voice tone, micro-expressions, Non-verbal & Synergology.

  • Difficult Conversations.

  • How to announce bad news.



Living together 

#15 « Violence - Learning how to identify it and how to get out of it »

  • Karpman Triangle - there is no small violence.

  • Learn to say "No", to be respected in an ethical manner.

  • What behaviors should be adopted to avoid fueling violence ?

  • Who should we talk to? How to listen (empathic listening)

  • Steps to take (and how to support the victim)



#16 « Violence - Causes and Remedies »


  • From the Victim's Perspective.

  • Need to rescue & save, low self-esteem, fear of losing others.

  • Recovering its legitimacy.

  • From the Persecutor's point of view.

  • A reaction to the fear of losing, to pressure from society.

  • Getting out of the "social steamroller".




#17 « Learn how to manage your emotions »

  • I am too emotional; I get carried away easily (anger) or I collapse.

  • What is an emotion ?

  • Why is it so important to express every emotion ?

  • How do I get through and transform emotions ?

  • Learning not to judge yourself.



#18 « Learn how to manage your cognitive load »

  • To work better, study better, with less fatigue.

  • What is your Cognitive Charge ?

  • How can you organize yourself to maximise it ?



#19 « What is HP ? »

  • How does an HP live, how does he perceive the world ?

  • Understand the difficulties encountered.

  • Keys to blossom and accept his difference.

  • How to take advantage of this difference ?



#20 « What is hypersensitivity ? »

  • How does a hypersensitive person live, how does he perceive the world ?

  • How do they learn to manage it ?

  • How to learn how to use it in a positive way ?

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