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“We help leaders and companies to accelerate their growth by combining strong financial, commercial and negotiation skills.”

Assertive Group SA is a Swiss investment firm that identifies attractive economic opportunities,

and is able to structure, execute and implement them. 

Assertive Group SA provides dedicated investment advisory services.

Among other networks, we will leverage on "the Partners'" network to spot and develop opportunities,

as to find a premium deal-sourcing to maximise their economic value. 



We are an independent Business Exchange platform operating worldwide.

Headed by Steve Alban Tineo and including a team of global experts, BART Business Exchange is an international Business Development platform built on the expertise of cosmopolitan professionals. 

Our experts master the art of opportunity spotting, business development, negotiation of financial and commercial deals, closing and implementation. 

We act in collaboration and/or partnership with world leaders and numerous affiliated networks and companies.

WHAT ?    


  • We act as an "elite team", finding, creating & developing new business opportunities.

  • We build long-term business relationships, through our high skilled negotiation techniques, maximising networks opportunity spotting. 

  • We proactively set up innovative financial & commercial operations to create value. 


Our partners' range is as diverse as the challenges we help them transform.

Through our exclusive BART Business Exchange platform and our negotiation module CNO – Chief Negotiation Officer, we regroup :

  • financial analysts

  • investment bankers

  • top class entrepreneurs

  • family office owners

  • business managers

  • engineers

  • scientists

  • lawyers 

  • negotiators/mediators 

to structure and execute complex operations & financial transactions. 

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We believe it is possible to develop an ethical and sustainable Business Exchange that allows the sourcing and creation of new businesses and new financial deals through long-lasting and profitable relationships, giving ground to a solid and enhanced network.




We are fully aligned with our partners, helping them to reach their goals successfully,

thanks to a tailor-made operational framework set out together.  We do what it takes to make it happen.

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"We take over the entire negotiation process, from identification of the opportunity, to execution and implementation.

We make sure it works.”

BART Business Exchange is a unique platform regrouping experts in

Financial Analysis & Due Diligence

Fundraising (Debt or Equity)

ALM Optimisation

Business Management

Investment Banking Services

Crisis & Chaos Management

Scientific & technology Innovation

Marketing & Communication

Legal & Tax Services

Global Advisory

Events & Network Management 


Project Management

Compliance & Risk Management

Cyber Security


Implementation (post merger, synergies, project, etc)

People Empowerment & Human Ressources Support

Working as negotiators, we liaise with networks & businesses to identify, structure, close, execute & implement transactions. 

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