Sustainability - Charity

ஃ  Sustainability

Assertive is a company that firmly believe in mutuality.

It seeks to lay the groundwork for sustainability within companies and countries and has success in ensuring their processes are in place to provide long lasting agreements. We regularly invite nominated parties to assist in supporting Assertive setting up mediation hubs or training future mediators, and they are regularly instructed in-house to assist in the resolving of disputes.

Assertive understands that for long term prosperity and improved communication channels, this would be an advantage to instructing the team.


ஃ  Charity

Assertive is heavily involved in planting seeds wherever it can, being by offering free Mediation and Negotiation missions to supporting numerous charitable oganizations.

As well, Assertive is running its own Foundation, The Goonies Foundation, promoting education for children and women in rural environment in India.

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