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“ Our raison d'être : to transform Complexity into Opportunity ”

Assertive Group is an International Organization that provides services in complex negotiation and mediation at the highest level. Through our unique BART© - Business Advisory and Response Team we assist in the resolution of a wide variety of Commercial, Social and Political conflicts worldwide. We assist in the management of conflicts through deploying Constructive, Creative and a Co-operative approach towards positive outcomes and resolutions.

We believe in engaging the power of ethics in mediation and negotiation, laying the foundations for sustainability and prosperity and providing the tools for solid long-lasting agreements. Our clients include C-Level, local and international business managers, local and international governments, government bodies and politicians, senior executives, sports and media celebrities and finance groups. We act as an independent group to prevent and resolve disputes and achieve positive and lasting outcomes.

As a result of the know-how of our professional negotiators and mediators, our teams are able to Prepare, Guide and Debrief any type of negotiation or mediation. We pride ourselves on achieving over 85% success rate in negotiation and close to 100% in mediations.

We are also part of the PACIFICAT© Network, a multi-jurisdictional partnership of international companies specializing in complex negotiation & mediation at the highest level. In this unique partnership, we offer services in preventive mediation, conflict resolution, deal closing strategies, crisis management & risks mitigation.


“ We deliver worldwide assistance, expertise, emergency response & training in complex negotiation & mediation. ”

Assertive guarantees independent specialized and neutral experts dedicated to your industry, your subject and/or your culture, all fully trained and certified.

Through its Affiliated Agencies and Qualified Responders and Experts, the BART© network delivers Assistance, Expertise, Response and Training in negotiation and mediation to C-level's, Senior Executives, Board Members, International Business Managers, HR, Directors, Local and International Governments & Public Bodies, NGO's, Finance & Banking groups, all recognizing that negotiation and mediation are advantageous skills essential in creating professional and personal success. We also work closely with shareholders, Family Office owners, Sports & Media personalities, consistently mediating and negotiating consistently for Sustainable, Strategic and achievable Success.

We also offer bespoke mediation services, bringing a structure that ordinary companies may lack. Mediation is a process by which parties to a dispute voluntarily agree to appoint an independent and neutral 3rd party, who facilitates discussions and negotiations with a view to find a mutually-agreed settlement of disputed issues. Our team of specialist mediators and lawyers are internationally recognized in their field and have a success rate that few can match, using our PACIFICAT© Mediation methodology.

What are the principles and founding elements of this particular expertise in Negotiation & Mediation ?

“ Ethics, Neutrality, Independence, Reliability, Expertise, Objectivity, Pragmatism, Preparation, Knowledge and Balance; all internationally recognized techniques being free from any influence of our egos, fears, stress or pressure, whilst always remaining aware of what is at stake in the endeavor ”

We believe in the power of Ethics in Negotiation & Mediation. We use the power of Assertiveness, Creativity, Neutrality and Independence to design agreements that lead to strong, long term commitments and relationships between the parties.


“ Many people consider negotiation as a soft skill : we consider negotiation as a Requisite and Fundamental skill to success and performance ”