Who We Are

ஃ  Elevator Pitch

We interact positively and ethically to assist people in solving crucial and complex situations as to reach successful, sustainable and long-term agreements.

Why : There is enormous untapped “value” within the process of handling crucial situations, may they be conflicts, complex negotiations or deal closings. Our ethical approach increases the power of human capital, accelerates solution finding, saves money, consistently adds value to all parties and drastically increases the % of positive agreements.

As “Performance and ethics are non-negotiable”, our uniqueness relies on the human factor, applying positive methods with people for successful outcomes. We always thrive to reach a W3 triple Win : #1-For You, #2-For the other Party, #3-For the Society.

What : We negotiate & mediate with you and for you.
            We provide assistance, expertise & response in negotiation & mediation.
            We train you and your task force to adjust attitudes towards negotiation & mediation.

Who : Assertive Group is an international boutique advisory firm which has been built on the expertise of our world class professionals. Our mission driven experts master the art of ethical crisis management, negotiation & mediation and influence with a holistic dimension. We act in collaboration and/or partnership with world leaders in these fields and many affiliated networks & programs.

How : “Our clients’ range is as diverse as the challenges we help them solve !”
We deliver Assistance, Expertise, Response and Training from C-level’s and senior executives to support functions in local and international institutions, organizations and companies from any domain. Their needs include conflict resolution, big deals, reconciliation, alignment, engagement, reputational management, trust building, innovative solutions, transformation of mindsets. They all recognize that Crisis Management, Negotiation & Influence are advantageous skills to create professional and personal success, and to strategically improve the quality and efficacy of agreements reached and contracts signed.

Through our exclusive methodology BART© – Business And Response Team which regroups Financial Analysts, Business Managers, Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers and Negotiators/Mediators to structure and execute complex operations & financial deals, we constantly work closely with shareholders, family office owners, sports & media personalities, financial and international companies, consistently negotiating and mediating with Assertiveness for Sustainable, Strategic and Achievable success.

The combined methodologies used in our academy BRAIN© academy – Business & Response Academy for Influence and Negotiation has been developed over 20 years to Prevent, Prepare, Guide, Close/Solve and Implement/Debrief any type of crucial situation. We set the course and help you navigate all along the process.
Furthermore, we put a special emphasis on communication and implementation. Our experience shows that the first steps following an agreement are instrumental in order to keep both momentum and spirit and make the solution effective and positive. Our way of handling certain events enables our partners to actively prevent other crucial situations.

Our KPIs :We are satisfied once our clients have reached their goals, concluded positively and implemented a signed and fully activated agreement. We do whatever it takes to make it happen.