All our trainings are run by a unique partnership with ForOne & Caupenne Conseil :

ForOne first value stands for Excellence in the small world of negotiation professionals.
Created by Experts who want to change the world by developing a culture of negotiation over a culture of wars or strikes, a culture of trust over distrust, a culture of healthy confrontation over deadly conflicts.
For One France is represented by Christophe Caupenne Conseil and MCR Groupe. Christophe Caupenne is the former commander of the RAID negotiation tactic team, specialist in negotiation under pressure. MCR is specialised in business and labor negotiation and headed by Frederic Bonneton.
ForOne Switzerland & International is represented by Steve Alban Tineo and the Assertive Group, international negotiator specialised in complex situations and diplomatic negotiations.

The label covers 3 skills or offers :
1. Training : how to become a skilled negotiator.
2. Coaching : choose to be helped by a professional during your difficult negotiations (labor, business, merger & acquisitions, …)
3. Negotiating for you : a large deal, a complex or a tense situation somewhere in the world, our response elite team of seasoned negotiators do the job for you.

Moreover :
MCR S&L addresses the one question every Sales Director has : how to turn your middle performers into great performers and make your numbers. For the first time, using the latest discoveries in neuro-science on decision making, MCR helps you design the perfect methodology and train your sales people through it.