◈ Steve Alban TINEO

Chief Executive Office
International professional negotiator and mediation expert as well as a financial analyst and lecturer.

◈ Christophe CAUPENNE

Caupenne Conseils - www.caupenne-conseil.fr
Expert in Security, Risks and Negotiation & Former Head of RAID negotiators.

◈ Sonia GRIMM

Managing Director
Business Development, Mediation, Conflict Resolution & Human Potentials Enhancement, Author & Lecturer.

◈ Philippe CATHELAZ

VOXIA - www.voxia.ch
Strategic Marketing & Communication, Implementation & People Engagement

◈ Aneesha BHUNJUN

MD - Head of Mediation
International expert in mediation as well as a barrister and a practicing lawyer.

◈ Peter HENDRY

Scientific Advisory - Expert in Energy & Technical Energy Response & Deal Closing Expert