Assertive mediates disputes and facilitates discussions, offering creative alternatives to an adversarial process, allowing participants confidentiality, and sole control of the pace and outcome of any agreement.

We preserve relationships and help them grow, be it in politics or business. We negotiate to reach an agreement, cooperation and compromise.

◈ What is Mediation ?
A voluntary process conducted by a neutral 3rd party - with no interest in the outcome - negotiating or facilitating for a mutually agreed settlement with a voluntary decision-making Volutary in a confidential procedure. Proactively acting in Preventive Mediation & Negotiation

◈ Benefits of Mediation
Speed of Dispute Resolution and avoidance of long drawn out Disputes
Flexible – voluntary and non-binding
Constant opened door to avoid future problems
Private and Confidential (no press)

◈ Mediator Competencies
Planning and Organization of a Process Management
Self Development

◈ Desired Outcomes
Provides long-term solutions
Restore relationships
Improves channels of Communication
Mutually beneficial
It trains people to become professional Mediators

Negotiation training should recognize that, as humans, we will always have emotions - but that doesn't mean they must always have us.
Harvard business review

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